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An innovation in the construction sector

“Buildings remain the primary polluters throughout their life cycle, accounting for 38% of greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of final energy consumption”.*
*AIE : Agence Internationale de l’Energie
NTIB - A New mixed Steel-concrete Floor Construction Method Allowing A 30% Reduction Of The Carbon Footprint Of A Structural shell

New Innovative Flooring Process

This innovative process uses metal sections combined with an 8 cm compression slab, using NTIB’s own self-props. Thanks to its operational simplicity, speed and economic and ecological advantages, NTIB aims to democratize its process internationally.


Internationally patented
Analyzed and validated by CSTB in compliance with eurocodes
With two Comparative LCA
EVEA conseil & environmental division CSTB
With its own calculation, sizing and optimization software

Who we are?

We are an operator focused on developing innovative solutions in the building sector, aiming to improve the carbon footprint and pave the way for carbon neutrality by 2050. We are the combination of our collective passion for ecological construction, our vision, and our commitment to the global climate cause. We believe that for societies to thrive, we must all be accountable to our environment and our future. This means creating innovative solutions to the challenges that the future will bring. It inspires us to remain curious, act locally, and think globally.
Our Vision
We position ourselves as contributors to the ecological cause, alongside other stakeholders such as political bodies, institutions, associations, NGOs, and industry players. Our ambition is to work sustainably in the building sector, contributing to the protection of the planet and ensuring a better future for future generations. Through radical measures and innovation, the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 can be attained.
Our Mission
As an operator committed to ecology, we design and advocate for low-carbon construction solutions through innovative processes and existing materials with strong ecological value. We guide building professionals toward solutions that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of their projects. Our company culture is fundamentally forward-looking and future-oriented. Our vision is centered around creating new products and innovative solutions for integrated ecological construction.
Our Values
Certainly! NTIB, fully aware of its role in the ecological construction sector, operates with a corporate culture founded on three core shared values: Solidarity, Creativity, and Commitment. These values guide NTIB’s actions and responsibilities toward humanity, the environment, clients, partners, collaborators, and shareholders.

Let's act for a collective ecological transition

The NTIB process has several advantages over conventional floors, allowing for simplicity and speed of execution.
✔ No use of props resting on the ground, even for spans up to 12m.
✔ Non-lost and reusable formwork or without formwork using the precast variant (off-site)
✔ Better resistance to seismic stress.
✔ Higher operating loads.
✔ Immediate intervention of the teams of the secondary lot.
✔ Less need to transport materials (BPE, steel, formwork, etc.)
✔ Better ergonomics of the site.
✔ No disturbance of the current practices of the building site.
✔ Current spans up to 12m.
✔ Overhangs of up to 6m allowing for the creation of hanging gardens that are true carbon sinks.
✔ Lower cost (less concrete, less steel, less transportation).
✔ Gain on the execution time.
✔ Additional gain on the execution time with the use of precast slabs.
✔ Productivity gain (labor, props assembly…).
✔ Carbon tax avoided.
✔ Significant reduction of global GHG emissions.
✔ Reduction of the overexploitation of non-renewable natural resources.
✔ Reduced the carbon footprint of the building, thus amply meeting the requirements of the RE2020.


The NTIB process embodies the innovation of a diversified group committed to a sustainable future. For several years now, the group has been developing construction solutions with low environmental impact, with the ambition of becoming a modern and unique player in the sector. The recent successes of ecological villas in Benslimane and Marrakech, and the launch of an ambitious residential project using the NTIB process in Casablanca’s financial district, perfectly demonstrate the Group’s determination to put its values into practice.

✔ Compressed Earth Brick (BTC)
✔ Process Of Mixed Steel And Concrete Floor (NTIB)
✔ Sustainable Construction Referential (HEI)
✔ Ecological Villas
✔ Magnolia Park

Chairman’s Message

"'In the face of a true climate disaster that increasingly threatens humanity, we all need a genuine ecological awakening and an economy entirely shaped by a very limited carbon budget, but one that must be respected. We need an entirely new mindset. The political system we have created is based on blind competition driven by profit, at the expense of our vital environment and the well-being of future generations. According to the IPCC report, we have less than a decade to trigger an irreversible chain reaction that will escape human control. To prevent this, unprecedented changes must occur in the coming years, including a reduction of at least 50% in CO2 emissions by 2030. The building sector is by far a heavyweight in terms of cumulative carbon footprint and the depletion of non-renewable natural resources. It is a true polluter, highly emissive, and energy-intensive from material extraction to building demolition. After several years of research, NTIB has successfully developed a specific solution that stands out for its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have chosen innovation as the cornerstone to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Driven by a sense of ecological duty in construction, concern for our planet and its natural resources, and our commitment to future generations, it took us years of research and development, testing, and real-world trials funded by our own resources to create a new flooring concept. Its main purpose is to directly impact the environment by significantly reducing GHG emissions and promoting reforestation campaigns."
Mohamed LARAKI
Chairman NTIB

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